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Cleaning of hotels and hotel complexes

BSC Cleaning is a company specialising in cleaning hotels, aparthotels and holiday resorts, located mainly in Brussels and Walloon Brabant, and also throughout Belgium. We provide a full range of cleaning and maintenance services, as well as complementary services.

Whether you run a single hotel (minimum 4 stars) or a national hotel chain, our team of experts and qualified operatives will be at your disposal and ready to meet all your requirements. We carry out a complimentary cleaning audit to draw up specifications that meets your requirements and your budget (optimising the quality/price ratio) and adapted to the specificity of your premises. 

Subcontracting all the work required to maintain the cleanliness and positive image of your hotel to a cleaning company such as ours is a sensible choice in a number of ways. We are constantly aiming for a high level of quality and safety when performing our services, which are subject to regular and joint visual inspection. This quality is a factor that directly determines the satisfaction of your clients and hence your reputation and commercial success.
In addition, outsourcing this work will free up a considerable amount of time which you will be able to devote to your core business activities. 
Lastly, we are very flexible and we will adapt (in terms of number of operatives, timetables and tasks) in accordance with the dynamic aspect of your hotel, whether it is the variable check-out times or the fluctuating occupancy rate (seasonality).
Hotel reception
Hotel spa

Range of services for all areas of the hotel

On a daily or periodic basis, we will carry out the cleaning or housekeeping of all areas and surfaces of the hotel. Our services are most frequently requested or considered most valuable in the following areas :

  • common areas
  • hotel rooms
  • restaurants and bars
  • professional kitchen
  • toilets and bathrooms
  • fitness room, swimming pool, SPA
  • seminar or event rooms
  • administrative offices

Several of the areas within the building require the provision of specific services, such as: window cleaning (specifically external and high facade), carpet cleaning with shampoo, or rejuvenation or treatment of floors in marble (crystallisation), PVC or linoleum, parquet or wood, etc.

Although we specialise in taking care of all the cleaning activities of a hotel or complex, we can also provide à la carte services specific to a part of your premises, according to your requirements or wishes.

Maintenance of the common areas of the hotel

The maintenance of the common areas is important for maintaining the well-being of your residents and the prestigious image of the establishment. It must be carried out on a daily basis, given the large number of people passing through the premises. Our services include regular cleaning of the following spaces and premises :

  • reception area and lobby
  • corridors, staircases, and lifts
  • lounge, waiting and common rooms
  • staff rest room, recreational rooms
  • terrace, green space, garden
  • parking area
  • refuse collection and dustbin areas
Stairs and carpet cleaning
Hotel room maid

Cleaning of hotel rooms

A clean hotel room is the key to making your guests feel comfortable so that they take away good memories of their stays. The rooms must be cleaned thoroughly before arrival, during their stay, and after their departure. We attach particular importance to the maintenance and comfort of the rooms and suites.

Vacuum cleaning, emptying bins, and dusting carpets are routine tasks that our team performs with the utmost care. Our teams also take care of changing bed sheets and pillowcases. In rooms equipped with household appliances (mini bar, fridge, microwave, etc.), we also ensure their cleanliness.

The toilets in hotel rooms are sensitive areas. Sanitation and sanitary facilities are therefore at the heart of customer satisfaction and play an important role. We also attach great importance to thorough cleaning of the bathroom. A clean bathtub or shower and a scented atmosphere contribute to your customer satisfaction. We can ensure that clean and fragrant fresh towels are made available daily. Our cleaning operatives also take care of restocking the toilet paper and bathroom supplies such as soaps, cups, shower gel or shampoo. Bathroom cleaning by hotel maid

Depending on whether it is changeover or stayover cleaning, we perform all (or part) of the following tasks :

  • Ventilate, turn off heating or air conditioning, draw curtains and open windows
  • Make an inventory, to make sure that the customer has not forgotten anything, and that there is no visible degradation; and report back to management
  • Empty rubbish bins, dispose of waste
  • Remove the linen from the bedroom and bathroom
  • Prepare the bathroom, flush the toilet, rinse with hot water: sink, bath, shower; and apply the cleaning products and leave them on to act
  • Make the bed
  • Dust and disinfect methodically; and check that the cupboards are empty
  • Clean the bathroom, respecting the sequence of steps, i.e. cleaning from the cleanest to the dirtiest
  • Wipe the faucet to make it shine
  • Check the bathroom facilities: bulbs, hair dryer, etc.
  • Place hospitality products and towels in the bathroom
  • Vacuum and clean the floor of the bathroom
  • Place the hospitality products in the room
  • Vacuum clean the room (carpet, curtain, bed) from the back towards the entrance
  • Clean the tiled floor
  • Clean the doors and handles
  • Check that the appliances are working properly (television, light bulbs, plugs, etc.)
  • Close the windows, position the curtains
  • Set the heating and air conditioning depending on the arrival of next customer
  • Deodorise
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