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Cleaning of stores, supermarkets, and shopping centres

In today's highly competitive retail sector, it is essential to showcase a flawless business environment - clean windows, shiny floors and impeccable premises - in order to offer a positive customer experience. A clean store offers a sense of comfort and confidence in your products and your store, and contributes to customer sales and loyalty.

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in day-to-day and one-off cleaning services for independent shops and outlets, including some of the most recognised chain stores, and national wholesalers. Our commercial cleaning operatives are specially trained to maintain or spruce up shops, stores, superstores, and shopping malls. We are proud to work with a wide range of stores, from independent retailers to large chains or huge complexes. Our ability, dedication and desire to exceed expectations is why we have been successful in retaining contracts with our clients.

We develop cleaning programmes tailored to your particular situation: late at night or early in the morning, to ensure a constantly pristine environment, minimise disturbances in your operations, and maintain your brand reputation, in order to be sure of meeting your expectations and those of your customers.

All our cleaning operatives and housekeepers have been carefully vetted and can undertake the following tasks:

  • Professional cleaning of all types of floor
  • Cleaning of sales units and displays
  • Cleaning of areas reserved for staff
  • Cleaning of warehouse
  • Security management and control
  • Window cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Cleaning of toilets and bathrooms
Shopping center
Fashion store

Cleaning of stores, shops and retail outlets

As maintenance methods and hygiene rules can vary from one business to another, it is important to call on experienced professionals who know the needs and expectations of your business. Our know-how in industrial cleaning enables us to work for many types of businesses.

For retail business, the appearance of the premises is particularly important before or during a first visit. The windows, window display, sign, pavement and parking areas should never be neglected. In addition, there is the real need to minimise dirt at the entrance to the store and to keep presentation areas and connecting passages clean. Cleaning of windows, floors, furniture, etc. will be carried out according to your needs.

We are able to formulate and deliver a cleaning programme suitable for any type of store or business. Our more regular clientele includes:

  • Clothing and fashion stores
  • Shoe shops
  • Pharmacies
  • Opticians
  • Perfumeries
  • Hairdressing salons
  • Shops of independent retailers and craftsmen

Cleaning services in supermarkets and large retailers

Our experience in providing cleaning services to supermarkets or large retailers (specialised or general) means that we understand the logistics of how they should be cleaned. We are used to working in direct contact and collaboration with department store managers to meet their cleaning requirements so they can spend more time concentrating on running their store profitably.

We specialise in complete and tailor-made solutions, and can take care of regular maintenance or one-off and thorough cleaning of all premises and surfaces of the building:

  • aisles and passage areas for customers
  • information desk
  • cash desks
  • fridges and cold rooms
  • storerooms and warehouses
  • windows
  • lifts
  • stairs
  • parking area
  • toilets and bathrooms
  • offices and administrative area
  • meeting room
  • cloakrooms
  • refuse bin storage area
Clean supermarket
Commercial center

Entretien des galeries et centres commerciaux

Shopping centres require regular and meticulous cleaning due to their heavy traffic.
The regular passage of hundreds or even thousands of people per day in shopping centres is synonymous with "dirt", deposited at the mercy of the weather conditions (rain, snow, wind), the indifference of some people (random discarding of all kinds of packaging, forgetting to wipe their feet, etc.), and holiday periods when they become overcrowded.
By closing time, the result of such an accumulation is inevitably visible.

BSC Cleaning has solutions adapted to these situations and can offer intensive cleaning services to restore the shine to shopping centres before reopening time, and of course all day long.
During each of our cleaning sessions, we use appropriate techniques as well as equipment and carefully selected maintenance products to ensure your complete satisfaction.

One-off and seasonal cleaning

Beyond the contractually programmed assignments, we can carry out one-off à la carte cleaning, including in emergency situations, if necessary. Our operatives work with the utmost discretion at all times.

We are flexible and can also meet your ad hoc needs for temporary workers, for example, to manage extra activities related to holidays or seasonal sale.

Christmas shopping
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