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Cleaning of schools and school buildings

With our deep 25-year experience, our company is specialised in the cleaning of school buildings. We can provide you with the entire range of services which you need or may need, as well as service hours tailored to the hours of your school.

Schools stand out from other premises and workspaces: the students are concentrated and move about in multiple areas. They are often not particularly attentive to order or measures of hygiene.

Our school services

Some zones and many premises must imperatively be maintained or cleaned on a daily basis, and others less regularly We adapt the intensity and the frequency of the cleaning according to the premises. 
Our company uses appropriate cleaning techniques and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. In all your premises and exterior spaces, our agents sweep, pick up and collect waste, and maintain the floors and equipment.

During the school holidays, our team deep cleans the school to allow it to open in the best possible conditions. Our services also include the cleaning of panes and window frames.

Hygiene in school premises

Particular attention must be paid to disinfection, to eliminate the risk of epidemic among the students and teachers. This is particularly the case for the toilets and sanitary facilities, which our agents may clean multiple times a day. We also regularly disinfect the classrooms and the canteen.

Our company uses very efficient cleaning products, which are non-toxic for humans and the environment. 

The personnel we select to work in the school environment are qualified and physically productive and enduring. This is necessary to obtain high-quality results while controlling the cleaning budget.

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This will lay out our tailored cleaning solution for your school, whether it is a kindergarten, primary, secondary or higher establishment.