Cleaning of showroom
and car dealership

Auto showroomIn an industry as competitive as car sales, the customer's emotional comfort and first impression are crucial. A clean and well maintained environment and premises are essential in this respect. Of these, the showroom plays the most important role and must be so clean that the customer only sees cars.

We can offer you a customised cleaning programme adapted to all the premises of your car dealership, including those visited by buyers and those reserved for staff:

  • Car showroom
  • Windows and showroom windows in facade
  • Parking and outside areas
  • Offices
  • Customer waiting areas and armchairs
  • Toilets and bathrooms
  • Cafeteria and recreational rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Mechanical workshop and garage

Below are a few areas of your building that you should pay special attention to in order to leave a good impression on customers, and where our commercial cleaning company can offer our expertise.

Shiny floor and carsKeep your exhibition floors flawless. The floors of car showrooms usually have very bright tiles or a polished surface, which means that marks and stains become very easily visible. We have a suitable cleaning solution, whatever the surface, to keep your floors in perfect condition. To treat large areas surrounding the vehicles, our operatives often deploy self-propelled scrubbers.

Wash your windows frequently. Windows in the showrooms are important at car dealerships. These windows let in light and showcase cars in their best natural lighting. When they are dirty, they present the external appearance as well as the showroom in a less favourable light. In addition, they represent significant surface area and height. We have teams of operatives and equipment specialised in window cleaning that will leave them impeccably in a minimum amount of time. We will propose an adequate cleaning programme, adaptable according to the level of dirt and the weather.

Keep toilets hygienic and functional. Some people measure the cleanliness of a building by the cleanliness of the toilet. We clean and disinfect all surfaces, deodorise them as necessary and replenish hygienic supplies.

Car dealership officeClean and tidy cafeteria and tableware. . If you offer coffee to your customers, the cafeteria must be clean and tidy, and the coffee cups must be spotless. We collect your waste, packaging and cups, and we clean and order tables and furniture. We can also run the dishwasher and put away the dishes, and wash small dishes by hand.

Keep offices clean and uncluttered. To keep the offices clean and uncluttered, there is nothing like cleaning them with a disinfectant spray and a microfibre cloth. Another obvious but sometimes overlooked task is to empty your office bins. We do it every time. These actions will leave your clients with an impression of professionalism.

Pay attention to high traffic areas and entrance. When the public visits your car dealership, their presence is usually intensive in the entrance and near the offices. We take special care of these areas. At the entrance, especially when it rains, you can accumulate dirt. In this respect, if you do not have suitable protective mats, we can provide you with these and ensure their maintenance. We can also perform deep cleaning (shampooing) of carpets and rugs that you may have on your premises.

Look after your outside areas. We remove rubbish from the parking area and can clean or polish the surface of the car park with specialised equipment. We also maintain gardens and green spaces, eradicate weeds, and prevent leaves from entering the showroom.

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