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Cleaning of data and server rooms

Entretien des locaux IT et serveursWhile submicron particle and gaseous contamination resulting from dust and dirt can lead to unexpected shutdowns of mission critical IT equipment, the connection between contamination and hardware failures is often overlooked. Dust contamination, which has been referred to as the undetected disaster and has been shown to causes 70% of breakdowns of equipment within I.T. environments. Shutdowns are caused by more than 6 % of dust and 55% resulting of increased heat.

We will clean your data and server rooms!

Dust particles prevent from an optimal ventilation, hence the server’s temperature rises. A 10 to 15° rise in temperature reduce your equipment’s life expectancy of 2 years.

How do we proceed ?

  • Floor tiles are being dismantled to gain access to the cables
  • The technical void is being vacuumed
  • Tech switches are being dusted
  • Floor tiles are put back together
  • All servers are being cleaned (internal and external)
  • Data racks are being dusted


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