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Keyboard cleaning

Nettoyage de claviers

A British study of 2008 showed that your keyboard has more bacteria than your toilets!
Of the 33 keyboards examined over the course of the survey, 4 were dangerous for health (taking toilet seats as an example, it turns out that a keyboard is five times less clean and that a workstation has 400 times more bacteria!)
The importance of keyboard cleaning!

Keyboard cleaning:

It is thus strongly advised to regularly disinfect your keyboard and your mouse to eliminate the bacteria and microbes, some of which can make you ill.

How is the cleaning performed?

Vacuuming of dust and air jets to remove encrusted particles. 
Full cleaning of the keyboard (brushing of keys, including lateral surfaces) Stain removal (glue, marker, ink etc.)
If necessary, disassembly of keyboard 

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