Panneaux solaires 1Cleaning solar panels is necessary!
You have invested in the installation of solar panels, but you are wondering if you should maintain and clean them. The answer is yes!
You are wondering why you should have your solar panels cleaned? The reason is pretty simple! Over time, solar or photovoltaic panels get dirty due to air pollution and weather conditions. They are exposed to the accumulation of environmental pollution (heavy traffic, close to factories, stone quarries, forest, sea, etc.) weather (rain, wind), or any other kind of dirt (dust, moss, bird droppings, tree leaves, etc.).
What is the consequence then? Their profitability and efficiency decrease sharply, sometimes up to 40%. In order to maintain their productivity, annual cleaning is highly recommended, even two cleanings per year depending on the degree of dirt accumulation!
When should you call upon a specialist for a solar panels cleaning? The ideal is washing solar panels at the end of the winter or at the beginning of the spring, when warm weather comes back.

Cleaning solar panels is choosing for optimal efficiency of the produced energy. Do not hesitate to call upon the expertise of BSC Cleaning in this special field!

Hire a specialist for solar panels washing

Panneaux solaires 2

Washing solar panels is a task that should be performed only by specialists for the reasons detailed here below.

  • Solar panels are fragile

Solar and photovoltaic panels are fragile. A simple scratch on a solar panel decreases considerably its efficiency.
At BSC Cleaning, we use performing machines, especially designed for the cleaning and maintenance of solar and photovoltaic panels. 

  • Professional equipment for the maintenance of solar panels

Our team of professionals works with the HighPure Cleaning system, a device generating osmosis water. This special water is free from all impurities, pure at 99,9%, which is ideal to clean the fragile surface of solar panels.
Since no chemical products have been added to this water, the cleaning of solar panels is made in total respect of nature.

  • Dangerous height access

Solar panels are generally placed on roofs. Trying to access them is extremely risky and can put your life in danger. For this reason, it is better to let professionals perform photovoltaic panel cleaning and deliver high-quality work.
At BSC Cleaning, you can hire skilled cleaners who perform the washing of your solar panels safely and efficiently. Our specialized equipment allows us to reach a height up to 20 meters and wash your dirty solar panels.
You are considering cleaning the solar panels yourself? Do not take considerable risks and put your life in danger! Entrust BSC Cleaning, your professional solar panel cleaning company, with the solar-panel maintenance and the washing of your dirty photovoltaic panels! 
We clean solar or photovoltaic panels throughout Belgium, for companies but also for private customers.

Want to know more or have questions? Don’t hesitate to fill out the online form to request a free quote. You can also contact us using our freephone number 0800/40.615 (from a landline) or at 02/410.55.58.

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