Your cleanliness partner since 1995!

Cleaning of offices and professional premises

Do you want your company or establishment to give the best possible image? Do you want your employees or customers to benefit from a clean, pleasant environment, conducive to productivity or commercial relations? 

We can meet all your needs! Our company possesses long experience and great expertise in the cleaning of offices, commercial areas and professional spaces. 
We have a daily relationship with more than 300 customers of every size, owners and occupiers of such premises. These belong to very diverse sectors:

  • Company office buildings
  • Commercial buildings: large supermarkets, bank branches, showrooms, shops, boutiques
  • Schools
  • Embassies and foreign or governmental representations 
  • Medical centres and pharmacies
  • Factories, workshops and hangars
  • Leisure centres, sports centres and swimming pools
  • Hotels, restaurants
  • Building shared spaces

The majority of our customers are located in Brussels and in Walloon or Flemish Brabant, but we can provide our services all over Belgium.


Tailored traditional cleaning services and other benefits

The establishment of specifications for regular services is performed according to the analyse of specificities of your premises by our sales managers and is optimally adapted to your needs.

We select the most qualified and suitable cleaning agent(s) for the tasks to be performed, as well as the times and dates of the cleaning. 

You have a free choice of the schedules, days, and frequency of service which suit you best. Working outside of office hours is no problem for many of our agents.

We can meet all your occasional requests for unplanned additional or facility services:

  • the installation or supply of sanitary and hygiene products
  • shampooing of carpets
  • renovation of floors: wooden, marble, linoleum etc.
  • cleaning of panes which are difficult to access
  • deep cleaning after an event, loss, or moving

Basic tasks in offices

The most frequent assignments are the following:

  • collect and separate the wastebaskets and dustbins
  • Dusting all the surfaces
  • cleaning of all floors
  • cleaning, disinfecting and descaling the sanitary facilities
  • cleaning of kitchens and meal areas
  • vacuuming the carpets
  • cleaning of doors and skirting boards
  • removal of spiderwebs

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or any estimates or analyses onsite by one of our experts, it’s free! Contact us by email, using our online form, or by telephoning us at our freephone number: 0800/40.615 (from a landline) or 02/410.55.58.