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BSC Cleaning is also specialized in graffiti removal and tags cleanup. Whether you are an individual, a trader, or a public institution victim of graffiti and illegal drawings, we will help you to get rid of this inconvenience as soon as possible.


You should not try to clean up the walls yourself, risking make things worse. Just call upon our expertise in graffiti removal to have your walls cleaned. And afterwards, this will only be a bad memory.


Specialized removers for graffiti cleaning


Graffiti cleaning and removal should be carried out by a specialist in the field. Trying to do it yourself could damage your front façade irrevocably. It is a task exclusively performed by specialists using the appropriate cleaning methods and products.


At BSC Cleaning, we generally use a high-pressure cleaning system combined with a graffiti remover chosen according to the type of surface to be cleaned (delicate surfaces such as plastic, painted and smooth surfaces, or porous surfaces such as stone and concrete).


Other methods are also possible, depending on the area that needs to be cleaned: chemical removal, micro-sandblasting (low pressure), gumming under dry pressure or stripping of wood (shutter, doors, window frames,…).


If unfortunately even after cleaning illegal drawings are still visible, we propose a full repainting of the attacked surface.



Protection treatment against graffiti


In order to protect walls against graffiti, the specialists of BSC Cleaning use a method, which consists of applying a protective product, just after having cleaned the wall. 


It is a water-repellent product, a kind of special varnish that serves as a protection barrier against new graffiti. This transparent and invisible anti-graffiti coating also allows an easier cleaning in case of new attacks.


The walls of your house or your building have been soiled by tags or graffiti? Your front store has been tarnished by aerosol drawings or street writings? You do not know what to do, but would like to have them removed as soon as possible? You are looking for experienced graffiti removers? BSC Cleaning is your partner in graffiti and illegal drawings removal. We make fast interventions for a rapid cleanup!


Do not hesitate to ask for a free price quote by filling out the online form. You can also join us by phone at 0800/40.615 (from a landline) or at 02/410.55.58. You can also send us a mail to

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