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Quality control and inspections

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For regular services and contractual customers

Suivi qualité

For every site where we regularly operate, we put into place a quality control, tailored to the type of work performed or to the frequency of the service.

Our Quality Managers perform a regular control  for every established site (offices, building shared spaces, etc.). The quality of analysis plays a role  for the various zones, stations or types of onsite intervention. Our quality managers use a tablet and an application which records these factors and calculates the average score which reflects the overall quality.

Our quality managers perform this analysis alone or in the presence of the customer, according to their desires. In both cases, the report is sent to the customer and stored in our digital archives.

On certain sites, for example, if the interview is done early in the morning or late in the evening (outside of office hours), we set up a “communication book.” This enables the customer to leave messages for the cleaning team and vice-versa. This is very useful when the customer is unable to meet the cleaning team regularly. They can make specific requests there.

For occasional or single interventions

Suivi qualité particulier

For “one-shot” sites, an inspection by our inspectors is not possible.
We henceforth use a work order. This reiterates the date and time of the services, as well as the type of services performed.  Upon completion of the work, the team manager or the agent makes a tour of the site with the customer. Once the customer has validated the work done, they sign the document for approval.

If the intervention is done in the absence of the customer, but they still want proof of the proper performance of the works, we ask our employees to take photos, insofar as possible.