Cleaning after fire

Your home or business has suffered a fire.

Naturally, there is a severe emotional shock and you don't know where to start when it comes to emptying, clearing, cleaning, sanitising and renovating your building.

With 25 years' experience in damage recovery, BSC Cleaning will be at your side to clean and if necessary disinfect your home before restoring it.

What damage needs to be treated?

A fire is a very particular incident because it causes multiple types of damage:

  • Visible damage due to calcination: materials and contents burnt or destroyed, soot, odours, etc.
  • Damage due to the water used to extinguish the fire
  • Invisible damage due to smoke and soot, corrosion, thermal shock

It is therefore essential to quickly call on a specialised company that can analyse the incident in order to detect and deal with invisible dangers and limit the "side effects", which can prove dramatic.

What are the stages of post-fire recovery?

First, the building must have its contents removed.

BSC Cleaning also offers its services for excavation and evacuation of damaged contents and, if necessary, the installation of waste containers.

We also clean the recoverable contents (furniture, appliances, etc.)

Next is cleaning soot, which has proven to be an important step requiring tailored techniques.

At BSC Cleaning, we use the following techniques to clean soot and its traces:

  • Stripping non-adherent parts
  • Chemical scrubbing or wiping
  • High-pressure washing/cleaning
  • Cleaning with an alkaline degreaser
  • Coating with an encapsulating paint
  • Soot fixers
  • Odour neutralisation

Finally, a set of preservation measures is required to restore the building.

Corrosion attacks must be treated as quickly as possible to limit the damage.

Once the building has been cleaned up, renovations will undoubtedly be necessary.

BSC Cleaning can assist you in your small demolition, renovation or painting work. This work will be carried out by our personnel (via our subsidiary BSC Works) and/or entrusted to our subcontractor partners in order to meet your expectations as quickly as possible. However, BSC remains solely responsible for properly monitoring the project.

BSC Cleaning therefore offers you full support for the post-fire recovery of your building, from clearing the contents to final renovations, naturally including all post-fire cleaning techniques.

We are available throughout Belgium 7 days a week to clean your home, apartment, villa, store, workshop, school, offices or professional premises after a fire.

Contact us for more info or a free quote.

BSC Cleaning also offers its cleaning services for offices, shops, schools, administrations or common buildings.

Cleaning after flooding

Recovery after water damage

Have you suffered water damage? Whether it is the result of a domestic flood, a storm, a river overflow, a mudslide or any other cause, your building (home or business) needs professional restoration and recovery.

Besides the directly visible damage, there is also "secondary" damage which appears over time: corrosion, mould, discolouration, etc. This damage can endanger your building and therefore requires immediate professional remediation.

With 25 years' experience in post-damage recovery, BSC Cleaning is your partner of choice after a flood.

We will take care of professionally restoring your home or business from A to Z:

  • Evacuating the damaged contents (possibly providing containers)
  • Cleaning recoverable contents (furniture, electronic devices, etc.)
  • Drying and dehumidifying the building
  • Decontaminating and depolluting the building
  • Odour neutralisation

Following recovery, if renovations are necessary, we can offer you the services of our subsidiary BSC Works: small demolitions, renovations, painting, etc.

Whether you are a professional or an individual and whatever the extent of the damage, we are available throughout Belgium 7 days a week, to clean your house, apartment, villa, store, workshop, school, offices or professional premises after water damage.

BSC Cleaning restores your home or business with the utmost professionalism and as quickly as possible.

Need info or a free quote? Contact us on 02 410 55 58

BSC Cleaning also offers its cleaning services for offices, shops, schools, administrations or common buildings.

Clean places make happy faces

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