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Faqs 3Do you make free quotes? If I ask for a quote, do I have to accept it?

All our quotes are free and non binding.

I have a carpet that needs to be cleaned. Can you pick it up at my home and bring it back?

Yes, but then we have to add travel expenses. This cost will depend on the distance between our offices and your house.

Do you also offer your services to individuals or only to companies?

We propose our services to companies, but also to individuals.

Faqs 2When you make a general cleaning of an apartment or a house, do you also clean inside the cupboards?

Yes, but only if they are empty. The same is true for the fridge.

When you make a general cleaning of an apartment or a house, do you also clean the hood and the oven?

We clean the inside of the oven, but only if the dirt is not too deeply incrusted. We also clean the outside of the hood, but we do not open it and do not replace the filter.

Do your cleaning personnel have experience?

Our personnel know the general cleaning techniques. Besides, most of cleaners already work since several years for other customers. The new people we hire receive work instructions, with explanations about the working techniques to guarantee quality results. Our Quality Managers also give a full briefing to each cleaner when we begin at a new place.

I already have cleaning personnel, but I sometimes have difficulties to replace them when they are sick or on holiday. Do you have people who could make replacements?

Yes, we can replace your cleaning personnel, for one day or a longer period.

Faqs 4Do you use environment-friendly products?

Yes, when it’s possible, we use Ecover products or other products with the European Ecolabel. In some specific cases, we unfortunately have to use products that are not environment-friendly, because green products simply do not exist.

What do you do to reduce your environmental impact?

We mainly use environment-friendly products. Our personnel have measuring bottles to be sure they use the right quantity of product. We also limit the use of electric appliances and encourage environment-friendly cleaning methods.

Faqs 5I move within a few days and I urgently need a cleaning team. Do you have any solution?

If possible (depending on our planning), we can organize a cleaning within the 48 hours. As far as the budget is concerned, we propose 2 different solutions: our commercial can come on site, to make a quote. Otherwise, we can also make the invoice on the basis of the time really needed by our team to make the cleaning (number of hours worked x price per hour).
Important: in each case, we will ask the payment of a deposit of 50% of the total amount (VAT included).

Is it possible to pay a 6% VAT?

Yes, but only for renovation works. For all types of cleaning, we must apply a VAT of 21%.

I have a foreign VAT number. Is this a problem?

No, we can make invoices for companies with a Belgian VAT number, but also for companies with a foreign VAT number.

Do you include the supply of the cleaning products and material in your quotes?

Yes, our prices include the supply of all products and material needed.

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