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SatisfaitOur customer references

For more than 20 years, BSC Cleaning has put its experience at the service of a large number of customers active in very varied domains: company offices, property management, schools, banks, medical centres, hotels, embassies, industrial workshops, automobile dealers, fashion spaces, pharmacies, etc.

We thank each of them for their loyalty and the confidence they place in us! 


Would you like to know more about our references or would you like to try out the services of our cleaning company? 
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Our customers thank us

You’ll find below some remarks sent to us by our customers
Would you too like to give us your opinion on your experience with BSC Cleaning? Send us an email to

Mrs. Verdeyen (Private individual)
Fantastic result.
A well-oiled duo that works wonders. Hardworking workers with expertise. Hats off !
Many thanks.

M. Huerta (Shopping centre)

I’m sending you this little mail to thank you and congratulate you on the professionalism of your technician.
Yassin came by Thursday to repair the motor of a defective solenoid valve.
On Friday evening we had started the cleaning before an event in the centre with more than 1000 people.
The motor started to break down again.
And then at around 10 pm, Yassin and his van full of material turned up!!!
He was like the Messiah to us!
He put everything to rights, and so we managed to clean everything before the evening, and also the next morning before the opening of the station.
And so I wanted to say here how impressed I was with the professionalism of your technician yesterday evening at 10 pm.
I admire his availability, his professional attitude, and all this accompanied by his very agreeable nature and big smile.
You have a very valuable asset there!

Ms. Kheogh (Private individual)

The full cleaning has taken place. 
The guys under Mohammed did an excellent job, I am very happy.
Thank you.

Mrs. Guilmot 

I’m sending you this little email to let you know that I’m very happy with today’s service.
It would be most kind of you if you could send me this employee for every service.

Mrs. Neill (Private individual) 

P.S. I was very happy with the cleaning done and the gentleman was very pleasant.

Mrs. Wirth (private individual)

Thanks for the cleaning yesterday, it was very efficient!

(Company X)

I would like to point out the dedication with which Mohamed organised the cleaning of the site and underline the professionalism and the quality.


Your people did a wonderful job

Mrs. Creanembroeck (School)

I thank you for this quote.
I take the opportunity to thank all of the team who came to perform the window cleaning in our school.

Residents of an apartment block

Thank you very much for your collaboration. Today’s service was simply perfect!
Thanks again!

Mrs. Caltaux (Private individual)

Just a little message to thank you for your efficacy and to confirm our satisfaction with the friendliness, the serious attitude and the professionalism of your employees.  In summary, bravo for our impeccable service!

Mrs. van Brakell (Company X)

At the beginning of August your company came to clean our office. We are very happy with this work.
A big thank you.

Inhabitants of an apartment building

I would like to thank you for your intervention for the incident caused by a person in one our cellars.
Can you please also thank Adbou. Thanks to him, our building is always well maintained.
His work is always done with great care.

Church in Brussels

I want to congratulate the team of Mohamed for the conscientious and impeccable cleaning of the church, chapel and halls, etc. Thank you for accomplishing this difficult task. It’s a strong team which completely satisfied us. We’ll be very pleased to work with them again.

Mr. Ochs (company)

What impressive cleaning!
Please congratulate your teams.
Thank you!

Mr. Droesbeke (ACP Verdi)

I must thank you and your employees for the quality of the work done in our condominium over this year.

Mrs B. (Asse)

A little email to thank you for the work done! The apartment is so clean you’d think it was new!

Anneke Vermeir (Company Bird & Bird)

Your team was right on time and provided very good work.

Patrick Willems (Company Builthings)

The guys were perfect and will be welcome for the next phase of the site.

Mr. Moll (Company Jffern)

Just a little email to say that your team did superb work.

Belgian communication company

Many thanks for your work. The persons concerned were really happy. Everything smelt so clean!

Michel Martin (Cuisines Bruxelloises)

Thanks very much for the cleaning of our premises, it was done within the time promised and we were completely satisfied.
Please thank on my behalf the team leader in charge of overseeing the site, he shows professionalism and perseverance.

Mr. Blindemans (Company Buyse)

Thanks for this work, which was, as usual, perfect.

Mrs. Keyzer

I confirm that we welcomed your team this morning, who performed the service as per our request.  We also appreciated their punctuality.

Mr. Charlet

I noticed that the team which came here this morning did great work.
Following their advice, in a few months I will once again call upon your company to again perform a clean.
Over time, it’s true that  nothing compares with new material that has been freshly installed. But on the long term, the loggia will recover all its former glory. Congrats to your team.

Mr. Jochems (Company Jansen Finishings)

I’m very happy with your team here. Thank you for your service!
The guys did great work!

Mrs. Votquenne (OK)

Thank you for your team’s work, which was really exemplary!!!
I could finally move in after 15 days waiting.
Really, a big thank you.

Mrs. Guisen (Youth Hostel Félicien Rops)

I was delighted with our collaboration, your employees are very pleasant and took our requests into account.
The deadlines were respected and the work was done very well.

Mr. & Mrs G.

The team completed the works, we are very happy with them and we appreciated the professionalism of BSC Cleaning in the quote and performance phases.  


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